Personalized and well-researched emails on-demand.

Cold emails written by Cavalry are 10x more likely to receive a positive response.

Stop sending spam.

We research and write personalized messages to each of your prospects.

Here are a few example emails we’ve recently written on behalf of our customers.

On-demand email outreach that drives results.

Need to reach out to someone to but don’t have time? Just bought a large lead list? Just add your prospects to a Cavalry campaign and we’ll take it from there.

Get quality messages with quick turnaround.

A quality message requires a creative subject line and body text that is clear and concise. Whether you have thousands of leads in your pipeline or are just starting out, our writers are ready to quickly provide quality messages at the scale that meets you needs.

All you have to do is hit send.

Cavalry is easy-to-use, with built-in send functionality that makes your email outreach painless. In as little as one day you can have a new outreach channel up and running for your business. For prospects who don’t respond to your initial outreach, we handle writing personalized follow-ups so that you can focus on closing.

All of your email outreach essentials made easy.

We provide the right combination of people, product, and process to grow your business.


Persistence pays. Don't sweat, Cavalry handles scheduling, sending, and writing your follow-up messages.

CRM Integration

Cavalry integrates with Salesforce and offers bcc copying to other CRMs.

Email Validation

Cavalry validates your prospect’s email address to make sure they’re deliverable.

Team Collaboration

Utilize Cavalry across your entire company. Cavalry works for sales teams, retention and customer success teams.

Dedicated Manager

We assign one of our editors to each of your campaigns to ensure your success.

Analytics and Tracking

Gain the ability to optimize and improve by seeing who's engaging with your messaging.

Your prospecting panel.

Prospects with messages ready-to-send will appear heres.

Automated outreach cycle.

We handle the entire outreach cycle automatically. Every message is equally unique and personalized and delivered at the most ideal cadence.

Research panel.

We go deep with research on each prospect. We will attribute the message with the research that inspired it for you to see.

All you have to do is send.

Enough with spammy mail merge. We write a personalized and well researched message for you. All you have to do is hit send.

Pricing that scales with your needs.

I want to sendmessages per prospect.

Price per prospect: $30

$6 per message


Looking to use Cavalry across your organization?

Cavalry is enterprise-ready. Contact us to give it a try.